Grapevine, TexasThe annual Parade of Lights is coming up this Thursday, December 1st at 7 pm.  One thing we have been wondering is if the Tea Party will have a float in this years parade.  If you remember from last year, the Tea Party being allowed into the Christmas parade created quite a stir around Grapevine.  Complaints were filed with the City and with the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce (who actually run the parade).

We are interested to see if the Tea Party will choose to be in the parade this year. And if they do if they will be allowed to participate.  It is hard to imagine excluding people from a public event.  If you are going to exclude people because of their political beliefs what is next?  It is a bit of a slippery slope when you start excluding people.

We are looking forward to the parade and will be on the look out for the Tea Party float.