A week or so ago we came up with the idea that Grapevine needs a Solution Box.  In case you missed the original article, the gist is that we think there are a lot of smart people in Grapevine.  Why not give these smart people an opportunity to offer solutions to the government of the City of Grapevine?  These really aren’t ideas or complaints (which are typically easy to come up with), but are actual solutions to make the city better and create a higher quality of life for the people that live here.  After all, the government is supposed to work for the people of Grapevine, correct?

So here is our first Solution.  It comes from the good people here at GTO.

Solution #1

Do you have that lazy neighbor that just blows his leaves into your yard instead of actually cleaning them up?  You probably do.  Most people are lazy when it comes to cleaning up leaves.  The problem is not just having a lazy neighbor.  There is no way to get around that other than to move.  The problem is all the leaves that fall to the ground end up on city streets, curbs, and eventually in city sewers and storm drains if not cleaned up.

The solution we are offering up today are Leaf Sucker Trucks (not sure if this is the official name).  Grapevine needs these. The trucks shown in the video below would come by and suck up all the leaves that fall from the trees each year when raked properly to the curbs.  This would solve not only the lazy neighbor problem, but also the problem of leaves ending up in storm drains each year.  It would also keep people from bagging up all the leaves and sending them to land fills in trash bags.

AND most importantly it would improve the quality of life of the citizens of Grapevine.

Making better lives for the people of Grapevine one solution at a time.  That’s what we do here.

Solution #2

This was submitted by a reader, Lonnie Jarrell.

I would like to see Grapevine adopt and enforce a noise ordinance. Loud automobiles and motorcycles detract from the peace and ambiance that a small town offers visitors and residents.

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