A recycling pilot program is coming to parts of Grapevine in January, 2012. The pilot program will test out new roll out carts rather than the recycle bins that are currently used. The program will be tested in two parts of Grapevine and impact roughly 2,200 homes.

The purpose of the pilot program is to determine if

  • Grapevine residents like the carts
  • the carts increase the amount of material being recycled
  • the carts cut down on the amount of litter blown around the city on windy days
  • there are unforeseen problems that will need to be addressed before a full roll-out

Increasing recycling certainly sounds like a great idea.

Items that can be recycled include

  • Glass (bottles and food jars)
  • Aluminum (drink cans)
  • Metal cans (food cans)
  • Plastic containers (milk jugs, detergent bottles, yogurt containers, butter tubs, cleaning containers)
  • Almost all paper products and cardboard

That sounds like almost everything we throw away here each day at GTO.

So lets get to the real questions because everything sounds great so far. We read through the material from the City Council workshop. There is no mention of cost that we can find in workshop documents. So the obvious first question is what is the cost to the average Grapevine resident? Our memory is still pretty good around here. We have vivid reflections of the high cost of the gimmicky “Pay As You Throw” idea that was discussed about 18 months ago.

Secondly, are the new roll out carts going to be eye sores on our city streets? In a city that prides itself on a historical look and feel, will these new roll out carts diminish any of the natural beauty of the city? Having already seen these carts in cities like Frisco, we note that that the carts are not the most pleasant to look at up and down the neighborhoods.