The Grapevine Police Department is currently located in a building built in 1978 that was never intended to hold a police department.  The 25,000 square foot space holds not only the police, but also the local courts.  To say there is not a lot of space for existing operations is an understatement.

At the City Council workshop on Tuesday night, plans were unveiled for a new $33 million facility that will reside in the same area as the current building on West Dallas Road.  We at Grapevine Texas Online wish that we had access to the photos of the interior of the current building.  Some photos shown of the storage area looked like something you might see on the A&E network show Hoarders.

The new $33 million facility would hold the police department, the courts, and fire administration.  The size of the building or buildings would be about 94,000 square feet.  The size of the police and court space would triple from the space they have now to around 75,000 square feet.

There are two options for build-out.  One option involves building on the existing land already used by the current police building and its parking area.  The construction of the new facility would take place on the parking lot behind the current building.  The second option for build-out involves acquiring some land around the current building most likely along Pine Street.

Which option do you think the city will choose?  One that involves acquiring land or one that does not.  Hint:  It is likely an easy answer.

The cost of the new building would be about the same under either option.  Using existing land would mean a parking garage would be built underground and building down is expensive.

One thing that was not discussed that will likely come up in future meetings is how the city will fund the project.  The likely answer is through debt.

Current planning assumptions are that design of the new facility would begin in 2012.  Construction could begin in early 2013 with completion currently planned for mid-to-late 2015.