More good economic news came out of the Texas comptroller’s office this week.  Grapevine sales tax revenue was up 6.11% for the month of September over the previous September.  Year-to-date the sales tax revenue in Grapevine was up 7.65% over the prior year.

This is great news for the City of Grapevine which planned for flat sales tax revenues in fiscal year 2011 versus the prior year.

In addition to any economic headwinds for the last year, Grapevine has had to overcome the massive amounts of highway and road construction going on in the area.  This year has been the biggest year of construction in the DFW Connector project.  The impact of this project has largely been negligible on traffic in the area.  Credit goes to the Northgate Contractors and the DFW Connector project team for keeping lanes open during high traffic times.

Businesses, especially restaurants, have flocked to Grapevine in the last year.  Grapevine has seen the recent additions of Plucker’s, Freebird’s World Burrito, Mi Dia from Scratch, Winewood Grill, and Fuzzy’s Tacos.  There are more restaurants and eateries set to open soon including In-N-Out Burger, Pappadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen, and Eatzi’s.

All of Tarrant County sales tax revenue was up 13% in September versus the prior year and 4.69% year-to-date.