Normally in late October, downtown Grapevine, Texas is preparing for its annual event called Halloween on Main Street.  This free and fun family event has taken place for the last 24 years.  It has grown into an almost festival like experience and was revered by many in the community.  Unfortunately, as we reported about a month ago, there will be no Halloween on Main Street in 2011.  Instead, the City of Grapevine has opted for a smaller event at the Vineyard’s Campgrounds called The Grapeyard.

We have heard the disappointment from the community and wanted to post a few of the comments from our Grapevine Texas Online Facebook page regarding the lack of a Halloween on Main Street this year:

That is terrible news indeed. 🙁

WHY? (Where is the “DISLIKE” button, that is SO not cool!)

I am very disappointed to hear this.

🙁  That was perhaps our family’s favorite Grapevine event.  Any chance of its return next yr, does anyone know?

This was one of the best events in Grapevine.  Somebody in the city council made a mistake with this decision.

This is truly a disgrace that such a popular event be discontinued and it is replaced by an event at the camp grounds that is candy free!  The Grinch came early this year.  Shame on our city leaders for letting this happen

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With the noted disappointment above, we sent a short note to the City of Grapevine asking why the event was cancelled. Without posting the entire response, we will summarize:

The Halloween on Main Street event was planned years ago as an event geared toward Grapevine residents. As the event grew and grew, the city received complaints from residents about the crowds and long lines. The merchants on Main Street also complained about closing down Main Street. The city decided to move the event to the Vineyard’s campgrounds and charge a non-resident fee of $5 per car to limit the size, improve the quality of the experience, and improve safety.

And if we might add our own Ron Washington-esq editorial note:  It just got too big.

So now you know the story.  We are definitely going to give the Grapeyard a shot this year.  Given that we are huge fans of the Vineyard’s Campgrounds we are looking forward to trying out the new Halloween event in Grapevine this Saturday, October 29th.