According to several reports, one of our favorite places to eat on Lake Grapevine has closed. Little Pete’s Restaurant in Twin Coves Marina is no longer serving some of the best food and entertainment on Lake Grapevine.

We do not know the reason behind the restaurant closure, but as we like to do around here we will speculate.  Here are a few possible reasons:

1.  Busy during the summer, but like a ghost town in the winter.

2.  Hard to get to by car.  There is no drive by traffic for Little Pete’s.  You have to know exactly where you are going to get there.

3.  Located on the north side of the lake which is farther from more populated Dallas / Fort Worth suburbs.

We loved going to Little Pete’s after a long day on the lake.  They always had a great scene and good live music on weekend nights.  Maybe someone else will buy it and start it back up as a summer only restaurant.  We are hopeful.

That leaves Big Daddy’s as the only place we know of to buy food while on the lake.  Big Daddy’s is located in Scott’s Landing Marina.

If anyone knows the reason Little Pete’s closed please send us a message or leave a comment below.