Grapevine, TexasGrapevine, Texas has really been pulling in some great restaurants lately.  In last weeks City Council meeting, it was announced that In-N-Out Burger will be coming soon to Grapevine.  Known for burgers that people will drive miles to get to, In-N-Out will be a wonderful addition to the growing list of new restaurants in the area.

In-N-Out Burgers will be located on the corner of Highway 114 and William D. Tate Avenue.  This  is near the Uncle Julio’s, La Madeliene, P.F. Chang’s and other restaurants near that corner.  That area off of Highway 114 will also be home to the new Pappadeaux’s Seafood restaurant coming to Grapevine.

So the next question is how long will it take to open?  We do not know, but our hope is soon.  You can already see construction starting on that location.  Hopefully the construction will be more like the Freebird’s opening which seemed to take only a few months and not like the Pappadeaux’s construction which seems to be taking a (very) long time.

Do not forget that another restaurant will have it’s official opening next week.  Mi Dia from Scratch will open it’s tex-mex themed doors next week on October 3rd off of South Main Street in Grapevine.

We have not tried an In-N-Out burger. We are not much for waiting in lines for burgers, but if that’s what it takes when the In-N-Out arrives in Grapevine we will do so. We are looking forward to it.