Grapefest 2011 is coming to a close.  We were able to attend three of the four days.  Here are some things we learned.

1.  The food was much better this year.  Sure you could still get corn dogs and nachos from the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce trailer if you want, but you had plenty of other choices too.  Do you want lettuce wraps from P.F. Chang’s?  They’ve got ’em.  Pulled pork sandwiches?  Crepes? Yep.  And a lot more.

2.  You can get pretty much anything on a stick that you want.  Cheesecake on a stick?  We got some and it was awesome.

Grapevine Texas

3.  The Grape Stomp is worth watching (probably several times).  We still have not actively participated in the stomping, but there is always next year.  We did hear one of the Grape Stomp hosts say, “You haven’t been to Grapefest unless you’ve done the Grape Stomp.”  Here’s a short video from one of the Grape Stomps this year.

4. Farina’s Winery and Cafe is wonderful. You might think the Saturday night of Grapefest is one of their busiest nights of the year (and it is). But they still got us in, quickly. Thanks to Whitney who was one of their hostesses on Saturday night. The food was excellent and service was great too despite it being completely packed. Oh and the live music in there was great. The guy singing and playing guitar could have had his own gig at Grapefest.

5.  Restaurants along Main Street need to stock up on basic essentials for Grapefest.  When we sat down at Farina’s, we were told it would be a few minutes because they were out of clean glasses.  We did ask if they could just refill our glasses from Grapefest, but they declined.

6.  Do not wear flip flops unless you want beer, champagne, and other festival drinks spilled on you all night.

7.  You cannot have too many dessert vendors.  Yes, the funnel cake is still excellent.

8.  Le Freak is still very good at being the Greatest Disco Band in the World.  They packed and rocked the house just like they usually do.

9.  Grapefest gets bigger and better every year.