From time to time we receive interesting emails of events and occurrences around Grapevine.  We received the following piece of information today and found it worthy to print.  Apparently two decorated marines missed the exit time (9 pm) at Rockledge Park last night – August 6th.  According to the email, the marines pleaded with park employees to open the gate.  When the gate was not opened authorities had to be called in.

Here is the full report from one of the marines:

The operators of Rockledge park found themselves in an ominous position overnight  as two nationally decorated Marine Iraqi war heros concluding a heart-felt and joyous reunion after a decade apart, found themselves trapped within the parks locked gates and unable to leave the park to go home.  Authorities were contacted after repeated appeals to the operators fell on deaf ears. The operators, who took the Marines money for entry to the park earlier in the day, trapped them inside and refused their exit only 30 seconds after the strict 9PM park-securing deadline. Park officials have become irritated with park patronage and an assumed “inability or unwillingness to vacate the park by the posted closing times.”  The two Marines had misplaced a wallet and gone back to search for it in clear and obvious sight of the angered park officials.  A court date has been set but the public should be warned to steer clear of this venue as it is not only anti-patriotic, but a park entry fee that could be money well spent on other more public-friendly offerings on Lake Grapevine.

We certainly were not there, but our take on events like this is always the same. Do whatever is necessary to accommodate guests of Grapevine. In this case, there was little harm done. Open the gate and let them out. There is no need to escalate this to include local authorities, the news media, and now the courts.