Living in Grapevine, we often find ourselves asking “What could possibly make this great city better than it is today?”  Walking through Grapevine Mills Mall a few days ago, we wondered what could make Grapevine Mills Mall better?  Here is the short list we came up with –

1.  Fewer kiosks

Grapevine Mills Mall is already crowded enough with shoppers.  Removing a few of the kiosks would allow more room to walk and maneuver through the mall.  Yes, we know the kiosks probably bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) to Grapevine Mills Mall each year.  But how much better would shopping be there without a few of them?  It is called addition by subtraction.

2.  Remove kiosks with sales people who stop shoppers who are going through the mall

There are few things on this planet more annoying than being stopped by someone trying to sell electronic cigarettes in the mall.  Oh wait.  We just came up with a great business idea (and are going to give it away here for free).

We are going to look into opening our own kiosk in Grapevine Mills Mall.  At our kiosk, you can purchase a name tag like sign that says, “No, I am not interested in electronic cigarettes or whatever else you are selling at your kiosk.  Please don’t stop me, wave me down, or otherwise impede my progress.  Thanks.”  We are thinking about pricing these name tag like signs for around 20 bucks.

We have not been to North Park Mall in a few years, but from what we can recall there were very few kiosks there if any.  There is a reason for that.

3.  Remove the Cash for Gold kiosk

We do not think there really needs to be an explanation for this one.  It just needs to go.  No one should be trading gold in for cash in the middle of a mall.

Grapevine, Texas4.  Remove a few of the coin operated cars

We understand that with the addition of Legoland and the Sea Life Aquarium that Grapevine Mills Mall really has become a huge attraction for kids.  But there are too many coin operated cars throughout the mall.  See #1 for why it would be a good idea to remove a few of these.

5.  Improve parking lot security

Grapevine Mills Mall is probably no different than any other mall.  It attracts thieves looking to ‘smash and grab’ from peoples cars.  Any cell phones, purses, wallets, and shopping bags are all open game to these thieves.  A little more security in the parking lot couldn’t hurt.