Texting Dispute in Local Theater Leads to Assault Charge

According to a very good article out of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, two people engaged in a dispute over texting at Cinemark Tinseltown in Grapevine.  A 135-pound female tapped a 220-pound male on the shoulder to ask him to stop texting during the movie.  Apparently this moved the 220-pound male to exit the theater and have employees call police.

When police arrived the male filed assault charges on the woman for the shoulder tap.  And then, the Grapevine police issued a citation to the woman for the alleged shoulder tap.

Not only are we very surprised that a shoulder tap might be considered illegal, we are in favor of ear thumping and possibly shin kicking for anyone texting in a movie theater.  If you are too busy to get off of your phone for an hour and a half to two hours, then do not go to the movies.  Whatever you are doing is not important enough to disturb other movie goers who have paid to see a movie.

The woman mentioned above ended up paying a $260 fine for the alledged shoulder tap.  Talk about injustice.  How did the annoying guy who is texting in a movie theater get off free and clear?  He is the one that actually did something wrong.

Please read the linked article above for more details.  It is worth the read.


  1. Fox 4 News had a piece on this last night… the guy was on there whinning about all the abuse and flack he was taking…. there are names for guys like him, just not printable in public places…. and the cops… what were they thinking?

    • I saw that same piece on Fox 4 last night. There were definitely parts of his story that did not make a lot of sense. The truth as usual is probably somewhere in the middle.


  2. Wow…so are they saying that “tapping” someone on the shoulder is considered an assault? Wow. I think they should have kicked him out for being a annoyance to people around him. I don’t want to spend my hard earned money to see a movie, only to sit next to a jerk like him.