The more we think about the idea of animatronic (read: robot) gunfighters being hoisted above the city of Grapevine, the more we love it.  Why you ask?  It is pretty simple really.  No one else has them.

In case you haven’t been following along, the City of Grapevine is having two robot gunfighters built atop the new Convention and Visitors Bureau building which by the way is set to open sometime this year (hopefully).  These two 6.5 to 7 foot tall robots will come out twice a day and have an animated gun fight on the top of the building.

Where else are you going to see this?  No where.

Can you picture the types of conversations this will create?

“Hey, I’m going to Grapevine, Texas this weekend.”

“Are you going to see the robot gunfighters?”

“Uh, no.  What robot gunfighters?”

“The 7 foot tall robots that come out on the top of a building in downtown Grapevine.”

It generates a great buzz.  Who wouldn’t want to see two robots have a gunfight on the top of a building?

Our only question is why not make them 20 feet tall?  If you are going to go big, go REALLY BIG.  Just ask Jerry Jones if you do not believe us.

If we are lucky, the Convention and Visitors Bureau Building and the robots will be complete on July 29th.  This would coincide with the new Cowboys & Aliens movie that is coming out in theaters.  Think about all the marketing combinations that could be had on that weekend.


Here is a link to our prior article on the robot gunfighters in case you need to catch up on all the details.