What Will Happen When GameStop Closes?

Only one major corporation calls Grapevine, Texas its corporate headquarters, GameStop.  A recent article out of the Dallas Morning News got us thinking.  What will happen if GameStop closes down for good?

Despite its over $9 billion in revenue last year, GameStop faces a lot of challenges.  They have an outdated business model.  Digital storage and delivery is getting cheaper and faster every day.  The value of a storefront for products that can be stored and delivered digitally is declining by the minute.  Speaking of which, have you stopped into your local Blockbuster video lately?  What about Borders bookstore?

GameStop is certainly the leader in sales of console games, but that is a declining market.  GameStop is behind, potentially way behind, in the delivery of social / online games which is growing dramatically.  Gamestop is in what some might say “a tight spot.”

We are in no way predicting that Gamestop will disappear overnight.  There is still a chance that they change their business model and stick around for a long time.  But change is hard.  Blockbuster tried to change and catch up with rival Netflix (and others), but did not make it.

Let’s hope the same fate does not await Grapevine’s only major local corporate headquarters.

This leads us to another question.  Grapevine is great at attracting top notch entertainment centers and restaurants.  But why is Grapevine not better at attracting corporate headquaters of Fortune 500 companies within the city limits?

And what will happen if the only major corporate office in Grapevine closes?

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  1. Why your forecast for Game Stop may be gloomy, I can assure with 100% accuracy that Grapevine (the city) and it’s residents (then, now and tomorrow) have and will continue to create an environment of welcoming new buinesses (large and small). This country is in the worst financial situation since 1929, but GRAPEVINE is still growing businesses and Gaylord just added a lazy river pool, Legoland Etc Etc! So stop with the negative waves! Grapevine is the envy of our metroplex neighbors. Just ask yourself why do they copy everything we have from Historical preservation to our Festivals’?