At the recommendation of a good friend, we wandered into Tommy Tamale last week.  We were warned that this place was a goldmine for fresh local salsas and delicious tamales. 

Finding Tommy Tamale was not easy.  It is located on Northwest Hwy near Old West Cafe.  You can find it by the huge TAMALES sign that sits on the back of a white pick up truck out front of  a small white building.

Once inside, we realized our friend was definitely on to something here.  We were greeted with the sight of over 35 salsas we had never heard of before.  Note:  Do not go here looking for Pace or Tostitos brand salsas.  You will not find those.

Tommy Tamale also carries 12 to 16 different types of tamales. Tamale flavors include bbq, pork, chicken, beef, poblano / jalapeno, and many others. 

Tommy Tamale is owned and operated by Steve and Jo Ann Barker.  They moved into the Grapevine location back in March.  These are the type of friendly, down home people that you want to do business with.

After a brief chat, we walked out with the spicy pork tamales (served warm) and couple of jars of local salsa.  One of the salsas goes by the name “Red Dawg” and we cannot recommend it enough.  We opted for the Xtra Hot variety of the “Red Dawg” and shyed away from the Burn Your Face Off.

Grapevine TexasIf you are like us and love trying out hole-in-the-wall type places or if you just love delicious tamales and salsas, this place is for you.  You can find Tommy Tamale either by looking for the big TAMALES sign on Northwest Highway or at the local farmers market on Thursday through Saturday on Main Street in Downtown Grapevine.

Their main address is 708 W. Northwest Hwy.  Or give them a call at 817-360-6385.  Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Please tell Steve and Jo Ann hello if you stop in.  Oh, and if you mention Grapevine Texas Online they very likely will give you $2 off a dozen tamales.  Note: The $2 off discount does not apply to guys with the initials CW. 😉

This place is great.  You’ve been warned.