If you spend any amount of time driving through Grapevine, you know there is one stretch of road to avoid above all others.  That road is William D. Tate Avenue between Highway 114 and Mustang Drive.

Only a quarter of mile or so long, the road is the unfortunate place where Highway 114 South connects with Highway 121 West (and vice versa).  There is a lot of highway traffic forced through this little (non-highway) stretch of road in both directions.  This is partially the result of the DFW Connector construction.  And the fact the only ramp that connected 114 South to 121 West is now closed.

If you come through William D. Tate South between 4 pm and 7 pm on any weekday, you will see cars backed up in both directions. 

Two things make this stretch of road really dangerous:

Grapevine, Texas1.  Cars in both directions attempt to turn across several lanes of traffic to get to the restaurants or gas stations on the other side.  We have seen many near accidents because people want to turn across three lanes in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic.  Usually they make it through the first couple of lanes because vehicles going the other way are letting them through, but the third lane is always where the collosion almost occurs.

2.  The construction has reduced the shoulders of the roadway and packed the lanes really tightly.  It is hard to breath through there much less drive.

This stretch of road on William D Tate Avenue is a major reason the DFW Connector Project is needed.  We are very interested to see the fintraffic puzzle.  Right now, it is a nightmare.