Highway construction around Grapevine, Texas has become a way of life.  We are nearing the mid-point of the DFW Connector Project timeline.  In the last two years, we have reached one irrefutable conclusion:  Keeping up with all the highway lane and road closures is very difficult.

This is not really anyone’s fault.  The DFW Connector people do a great job of trying to communicate all the upcoming closures through their website and emails and twitter.  The problem is that there are so many closures and that they change so frequently.

Unless you stay on top of the changes on the DFW Connector website daily, you are going to miss something.  Take a look at their current list of upcoming or current lane closures.  There are forty-seven of them listed right now.  And they change all the time.  You would need to have a PhD in project management just to know where to start tracking all of these closures.

And recently State Highway 26 has been added to the highway construction hokey pokey.  It is simply too much to keep up with.

Maybe you are like us and have given up on trying to track the lane closures and now just do your best to avoid the construction areas.  We choose not go on State Highway 26 or through the Highway 114 / 121 connector unless we absolutely have to.

This takes us back to something we mentioned a couple of weeks ago (that we still have not gotten around to writing about).  The City of Grapevine and the City Council are trying to come up with ways to promote the businesses (mostly restaurants and some retail) along the DFW Connector during this construction period.

They have some interesting ideas, but will those ideas help?  Or is there so much construction going on that people will just do whatever they can to avoid the construction zones?