Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange (GRACE) does a lot of important service work around our community.  One way GRACE benefits the Grapevine community is by helping to keep thousands of local kids fed during the summer while school is out of session.  Just this week GRACE sent out an email asking the community for help.  Here is a snippet of that email:

Today, though, I have to talk about our funding. As many of you may know, we’ve experienced deep cuts in funding from federal programs and other granting agencies, and a considerable dive in gifts from individuals and family foundations. Our spending is as tight as can be–our next step will be to consider cutting back on services.
So please forgive me, but I have to come to you to ask for your help. Will you please consider making a cash donation to help us through this FEED OUR KIDS crisis? Help us to continue bringing nourishment for both body and soul to this community.

A donation would go toward a great group working for a great cause.  You can read the full letter here and make a donation on that same page should you feel generous today.