In the City Council workshop on Tuesday night, the City of Grapevine mentioned plans of building a new website in fiscal year 2012.  This is great news for anyone that uses the city website on a regular basis.  The current website has a vintage feel.  Note:  a vintage feel is great for the Palace Theatre or for Downtown Grapevine, but not so great for your city’s website.

For most organizations, the website is the face of the organization.  It says a lot about you not just from the content, but from the look and feel as well.  If you look at the other surrounding city websites like Colleyville (pictured at the right) and Southlake, you will see a major difference in readability, navigation options, and just how clean the others look.

Creating a new website for the city is certainly a step in the right direction.  Technology is moving so fast these days it is important to stay ahead of the curve.  Maybe some day the city of Grapevine will advance far enough to video record the City Council meetings and post those online.  The technology certainly is here to do so.

The project has not started, but there were mentions of costs being in the tens of thousands of dollars for the proposed new website.  We wish the City of Grapevine the best of luck in their quest for a new city website.  As mentioned earlier, we use the current website heavily and definitely look forward to the upgrade.

Side Note –

If you have not noticed it already, Grapevine Texas Online launched a sister website back in January at  Even though it is only six months old, we now have the best website about Lake Grapevine that can be found on the internet. We know it is the best because of the massive amount of interest that it has generated.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a look and let us know what you think.

Update –

We have started a launch of  a Southlake, Texas website as well.  Please let us know your thoughts.