How well do you know Grapevine, Texas?  Here is a quiz both on current events as well as the history of Grapevine.  This is a true test to see just how much you know about our great city.

Here is our scale based on correct answers:

9-10 correct = You are Mr./Mrs. Grapevine

7-8 right = We want to be your neighbor

5-6 correct = Somewhat knowledgeable

3-4 correct = Need to read this site more often

0-2 right = Might want to take a walk over the the Grapevine Historical Museum right now

Okay, here is the quiz.  Have fun. Good luck (answers are posted at the bottom).

1. Main Street Days 2011 had how many visitors?

2. What is the newest chicken wing restaurant in town?

3. What new burrito restaurant is coming to town soon?

4. Which of these recent or ongoing projects in Grapevine will cost the least?

a. Sea Life Aquarium

b. Convention and Visitors Bureau Building

c. Legoland

d. DFW Connector Project

5. What year was the Palace Theatre built?

a.  1920

b.  1940

c.  1959

d.  2009

6. How many square feet of shopping space are there in Grapevine Mills Mall?

a.  1 million square feet

b.  1.3 million square feet

c.  1.6 million square feet

d.  1.9 million square feet

7. The current two-story structure at Nash Farm was built in what year?

a.  1880

b.  1901

c.  1919

d.  1920

8. Do you have to sign a contract to photograph people inside Rockledge Park?

9. How many miles of hike and bike trails does the Parks and Recreation Department operate in Grapevine?

a.  20 miles

b.  23 miles

c.  26 miles

d.  55 miles

10. Are alcoholic beverages allowed in city parks?

Hopefully you got more than a few correct and had fun taking our Grapevine, Texas quiz. Please below for answers.


1.  160,990 visitors (a new record)

2.  Plucker’s  (yes, it is good)

3.  Freebird’s  (yes, we are excited)

4.  If you answered c. Legoland, you are correct.  Legoland cost roughly $12m to build.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau Building is budgeted at around $14m.  The new Sea Life Aquarium will run about $15m.  And the DFW Connector Project is slated at a whopping $1B.

5.  b. 1940

6.  c. 1.6 million square feet

7.  a.  1880

8.  Somewhat weirdly, the answer is yes according to the City of Grapevine website.  And the cost is $50 per hour.

9.  b. 23 miles

10.  Yes and no are both acceptible answers.  The Parks and Recreation website says no.  Other sources say otherwise.  Maybe no one knows the answer.