Grapevine Texas Online first mentioned a Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen coming to town back in December of 2009.  Now it looks like our mention of this will finally become a reality.  Pappadeaux’s had site plans approved at the City Council meeting Tuesday night and will start preparation to move into the old Tia’s Tex Mex building (next to P.F. Chang’s) on Hwy 114.

We do not know who is responsible for recruiting all these fantastic restaurants lately, but we would like to personally thank them.  First we had the addition of Plucker’s. Then came word that Grapevine is adding a Jimmy John’s Sandwiches.  Next was the announcement of Freebird’s.  Then Eatzi’s.  And now (finally) Pappadeaux’s.  Competition for diners is getting fierce in Grapevine.

We do look forward to the Seafood Gumbo, Crawfish Etouffee, Creme Brulee, and the many other favorites that Pappadeaux’s offers.  Note to Pappadeaux’s management:  Please hurry.  You cannot get here soon enough.

A Note on the Council Workshop

If you missed the City Council Workshop this week, you missed a great presentation from Mr. John West of Thomas Arts (an advertising agency).  Mr. West was given the difficult topic of promoting businesses along the DFW Connector.  Additionally, Mr. West was given the fun constraint of having very little funding to work with.

Now the actual ideas presented are a topic for another day (some were very good, by the way).  Today, we would like to applaud Mr. West for the technical aspects of his presentation.  Having attended many of these workshops this year, we have seen both good and bad presentations.  And to be honest, the bad ones are painful to watch.

There are some really simple guidelines (Presentation 101 type stuff) when it comes to presenting in workshops like these.    Things as simple as knowing your audience, knowing how much time you have, and preparing an appropriate number of slides for the time period allotted.  All of these basics (and many others) have been missed at times.

Congratulations to Mr. West and Thomas Arts for not only well thought out ideas on a difficult topic, but the somewhat rare ability to wrap those ideas into an elite level presentation.  We noticed.