In a council workshop Tuesday night, the Grapevine City Council discussed making changes to the existing city code around political signs.  Currently, signs are allowed during the election season in existing city right of ways.  The council discussed making changes so that right of ways near city buildings and the historic district would be excluded from the areas where political signs would be allowed.  According to the proposal, the city will not enforce a penalty or fine on any illegal signs, but will simply remove and destroy them.

We think this is a step in the right direction, but does not go far enough.  Most of the signs are eye sores around election time.   And how much better would it be if the election was not a sign contest, but a leadership contest and / or an idea contest?  That would make for an enjoyable political season.  We are going to whisper our official suggestion so listen close: 

Get rid of all the political signs.  Yes, we said all of them.

Grapevine, TexasOne other issue from the meeting caught our attention.  A member of city government mentioned that advertising yard signs are not allowed within the city even on private property.  Our question is what about all the “Go Mavs” signs around the city that hold an advertisement at the bottom for a local Century 21 office?  Are those allowed because they say “Go Mavs?”  Either enforce the rules or don’t enforce them, but be consistent.

Also, there are still signs up around the city from the recent election.  Note to our good buddy CH, there is a prominent sign for “Vote Yes, Keep Grapevine Safe” still up at our local Bone Daddy’s.  😉

We are here to help.