Saturday, May 14th, 2011 is the official election day in Grapevine, Texas.  We want to encourage everyone to get out and vote.  You can vote from 7 am to 7 pm at the Community Activities Center in Grapevine (a map is at the bottom of this page).

Your vote counts.  This is an easy way to have a voice on city matters.

You are voting for City Council Place 6.  You can find our web interviews with all three candidates here:

Kathleen Thompson
Deverick Jordan
Roy Stewart

You are also voting on the 15 year renewal of the CCPD 1/2 cent sales tax: “Whether the Grapevine Crime Control and Prevention District should be continued for fifteen (15) years and the Crime Control and Prevention District sales and use tax should be continued for fifteen (15) years.”

You will be voting on a $124.5 million bond for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD as well:  “The issuance of $124,500,000 of bonds and levying the tax in payment thereof, including the costs of any credit agreements executed in connection with the bonds.”

Here is a sample ballot for Saturday’s vote Link.

Here are two thoughts on what could have made this election season better both in the City Council Place 6 race and the CCPD sales tax renewal:

1. Be Positive
2. Have a Plan

These two ideas seem simple enough, but execution of these ideas turned out to be pretty difficult.  What we saw of the city council race was sometimes disappointing.  In some instances, it was down right ugly.  In a race for city government, one way to stand out from the others is to avoid all the negativity and the mud slinging between candidates.  We would have been much more impressed by a candidate that completely ignored the other two and simply focused on how to make Grapevine a better place to live.  Ultimately, that is what we all want.  How are you going to make Grapevine better?  We do not care about all the other petty stuff and the jabs between candidates.  Those things just slow down the process, slow down ideas, and slow down (or stop) good discussion on the direction of Grapevine.

Just as important as staying positive is having and presenting a plan.  Grapevine is a great town to live in and a wonderful place to visit.  But like anything else, it can be improved.  A plan of action on how to improve Grapevine should be step 1 in any candidates campaign.  Even with the CCPD vote, wouldn’t it have been nice to see a plan for what the city will do with the funds? (Hint: we never saw one)

We at Grapevine Texas Online would have been happy to print any plan for Grapevine submitted by a candidate.  In fact, we would have loved it.  Candidate A: “I have a vision for a better Grapevine. Here is my plan: Step 1. Step 2… Step 5.  I know parts of my plan may fail.  I know plans may change.  Here is the direction I am going and pushing for right now.”  Without a plan or a direction, what are we voting for?  Are we just voting for who we like the most or who can put up the most signs on street corners?  This should not be a popularity contest.  It should be a leadership contest.

Be positive.  Have a plan.  Help make Grapevine a better place to live, work, and visit.

We’ll do the same thing here at GTO.

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