At the Grapevine City Council meeting on Tuesday night, people came from far and wide to share their concern with the final Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  Most of the citizens mentioned to the City Council the need to protect wildlife areas around the lake before expanding more soccer fields, trails, and parking lots.

One Grapevine High School student asked the City Council why the need to expand parks when the city cannot take care of the parks it has now.  He came prepared with photos from a junky area of Lakeview park that included discarded roofing materials, carpet, a rusted out Volkswagen beetle, and a rusted out truck bed.

Another man, Ray Chancellor, spoke eloquently and at length about the impact of making changes to Meadowmere Park.  He suggested that all of these changes have an ecological impact and should be studied further before changes are made.  You can read more about his concerns and other citizens concerns in this great article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Georjean Sherriff also presented her concerns over the impact on the migratory birds and presented twenty signatures of local residents with the same concern.

Another man who lives near Oak Grove Park expressed his concern that as soon as these new soccer and baseball fields are built that they are locked up for private organization use only.  He mentioned that public citizens cannot access the fields as they are only used for tournaments and private soccer, baseball, and softball organizations.

Several other people mentioned their concern for additional lights, fences, and parking lots in the area.  All of these things take away from the natural beauty of the area and have an impact on neighborhoods.  Additional traffic adds to trash, noise, and light noise that the residents in those neighborhoods must deal with.

The City Council approved the final Parks and Recreation Master Plan late last night.