This years Main Street Days in Grapevine was an absolute home run.  Originally, we were skeptical of the ‘Pizza Fest’ idea, but it turned out to be a huge upgrade over prior years Main Street Days themes.  The local flavor and competition that it added was a lot of fun.  The entire Pizza Piazza area proved to be a great addition to the festival.

Another upgrade was the added beer selections.  Main Street Days added six or more new beers to choose from.  We like choices, variety, and trying new things so the added beer selection was a huge bonus.

And of course luck played a role as well.  Mother nature provided Main Street Days with the best weather of the year.  Mild temperatures in the low to mid-70’s all weekend without a cloud in the sky provided perfect weather.

At this Main Street Days, festival goers voted for their favorite pizza from the vendors (which were all local restaurants).  Here are the results of the voting:

People’s Pizza Pick:
•        Gold – Palio’s Pizza Café
•        Silver – Farina’s Winery & Café
•        Bronze – I Fratelli

Best Overall Performance: Palio’s Pizza Café

Judges’ Pick (as picked by celebrity judges): Farina’s Winery & Café (Pepperoni &
Sausage Pizza)

Chairman’s Pick (as picked by festival chair Dan Weinberger): I Fratelli (Del Bianco

Social Media Favorite (as picked by Facebook posts and Twitter tweets): Napoli’s
Italian Café (traditional Sicilian-style pizzas)

Best Hand-Tossed Pie: Amoré’s Pasta and Pizza (White Pizza)

Best Texas Original Pizza: Cliff’s Star Grill (BBQ Chicken Pizza)

Best Variety of Pizzas: Papa Murphy’s

Now of course we would like to make a couple of suggestions on how to improve Main Street Days for next year (because that is just what we do here).

1.  Incorporate a way to sample more pizzas.  To try pizzas from all the vendors you had to fork out $25 or more.  Either have sample sizes available at each vendor for a few tickets each or have a separate booth set up with samples from each pizza vendor that you can buy for a set price to try them all.  It would make for a more interesting vote if you actually get to try all the pizzas.

2.  Better music.  No need to elaborate here.

Even without our recommendations, Main Street Days 2011 was a huge success.  Live music, cold beer, and great pizza.  We loved it.

Update:  Main Street Days 2011 set a new attendance record.  160,990 people visited Main Street Days in Grapevine, Texas this year.  The prior record was 135,650 set in 2008.