We have come to realize the DFW in DFW Connector stands for Delays, Frustration, and Waiting.  The expansion of the 121 / 114 highways that connects through Grapevine, Texas is currently in year two of the five year project.

According to the Grapevine Courier, the speed limit was reduced to 50 mph on April 1st through the connector.  Grapevine police are  increasing enforcement of this new lower mph to improve safety.  The good news for the police department is that they do not have to worry about speeds during rush hour because vehicles rarely reach 50 mph due to traffic during these times.

Living in Grapevine, we have found the best option is to avoid use of the DFW Connector.  If there is any option to go around, over, or under the Connector, we take that option rather than going through it.  The lanes are too tight, too congested, and often too slow to be usable.

 Construction on the DFW Connector is expected to continue through 2014.  Please drive safely.