Roy Stewart is part of a three person race for Grapevine City Council Place 6.  Mr. Stewart  is running for re-election for his current seat on City Council against Deverick Jordan and Kathleen Thompson.  Voting takes place on May 14th.  Please remember to vote.

Mr. Stewart was kind enough to answer our web interview questions.  Here are our questions and his responses:

Why did you decide to run for Grapevine City Council?

Stewart:  I am running for Grapevine City Council Place 6 for one more term so that I can see several projects that we’ve started over the past few years completed. I helped start these projects and I feel I owe it to the people of Grapevine and to my fellow Council members to see them through.

What are your top priorities for the city?


• Continue to monitor and make proactive decisions regarding the traffic interruptions due to the Connector project.

• Stay vigilant in regards to monitoring budget issues regarding sales tax receipts and ad valorem tax collections.

• Stay focused on cutting unnecessary spending and keep our “pay as we go” approach to city finance.

• Continue to reach out to quality development and bring only the best to our fine city.

What separates you from the other two candidates currently running for this position?

Stewart: Besides my grey hair, I would say my experience is the biggest thing separating me from the other two. Through the years I have found that there really is no substitute for experience. I’ve served on the City Council since 1996. Below I have listed some of my professional accomplishments and community leadership roles.

Professional Experience / Education:

• Northstar Bank of Texas: Elected to serve on the Board of Directors in April 2007

• TexasBank: Served on the Board of Directors (1993-2006)

• Professional: Retired with over 30 years’ experience in residential / commercial construction and real estate investments

• Education: MBA and BA: Texas Christian University

Organizations / Community Activities:

• Council Member, City of Grapevine (1996-Present)

• Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Education Foundation Board of Directors and Founding President (1998-2007)

• Northeast Leadership Forum Board of Directors and Past President (1998-Present)

• Grapevine Chamber of Commerce Member and Past President (1980-Present)

• American Business Club (AMBUCS) Member

• Grapevine Rotary Club Member and Past President (1973-Present)

Past Boards:

• Baylor Medical Center at Grapevine Board of Trustees (1985-1994) and Past President (1989)

• Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Board of Trustees (1984-1993) and Vice President (1993)

• Education Service Center, Region XI Board of Directors and Chairman (1967-1984)

• City of Grapevine Bond Committee Chairman (1994)

Name something you would do differently than what the current City Council does now?

Stewart: I think our City Council has done an incredible job serving the citizens of our community and helping to shape Grapevine into one of the most envied cities in North Texas. I am very proud of the leadership and vision that the Council had even years before I began serving on it. The Grapevine you see today – with its historic district, the shops, the festivals and the business development – is a result of the current City Council members’ steadfast leadership and commitment to a image for Grapevine that started many years ago. I am eager to continue building on that vision that will mold our community for generations to come.

What is the most important issue facing the city currently?

Stewart: The most important issue facing the City of Grapevine at this time is the economy. It is the responsibility of the City Council to help insure that the city is operating within its means. We must stay diligent in monitoring budget issues regarding the receipts of sales tax and ad valorem tax and be prepared to make the necessary adjustments on a timely basis as they arise.

One of our biggest complaints with the city government is that they are not transparent enough. Is there anything you would do to help alleviate that problem?

Stewart: I am a strong advocate of transparency in the government. With that said, I think a public perception regarding the lack of governmental transparency is in reality a concept based on lack of knowledge and insufficient participation by some in their city’s government.

I encourage Grapevine citizens to attend and participate in City Council meetings, to serve on a board or a commission, or at least to volunteer within the city in some capacity. People are often surprised to learn that the City of Grapevine is actually quite transparent once they get involved.

What is your favorite thing about living in Grapevine?

Stewart: My wife and I moved to Grapevine 30 years ago because of business ventures. If I had to pick my favorite thing about living in Grapevine, I would definitely state that the small-town atmosphere along with access to large-city amenities was a strong drawing point in our making that decision. At the same time Grapevine has developed into a community with top rated conference hotels, restaurants, shopping, an excellent school system, parks and recreational facilities. Grapevine really is a very unique and special city providing its residents with a wonderful quality of life. Grapevine is a city that prides itself in preserving its heritage as can be seen in the development of our historic downtown.

Why should the citizens of Grapevine vote for you?

Stewart: I have been very blessed that the people of Grapevine have trusted me to serve them for the past 15 years. Voters have seen our City Council work diligently and successfully for many years, shaping the direction of this great community. I owe it to the people of Grapevine to continue working toward a successful finish on the current key projects that I have helped start. I would like to serve one more term as City Councilman, Place 6.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about your background?

Stewart: I was a residential developer for many years and built many homes here in the Grapevine area. I know the value of a good sound foundation, not only in a building but in a community such as ours. The leaders of this great city who came before me laid a strong foundation for us and I have helped continue to build upon that principle in making Grapevine the town it is today.


Grapevine Texas Online would like to thank Roy Stewart for his time in answering our questions. We know time is precious as the election gets closer. We wish him best of luck in his candidacy.