The idea of a trolley linking downtown Grapevine to Nash Farm was proposed to the City Council last night during the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau update.  The small trolley would run a little less than a mile from the south end of Historic Downtown Grapevine through the Hudgins Street extension to Nash Farm which is located on Ball Street.

The idea of a trolley fits in with many of the nostalgic and historical themes already represented by the City of Grapevine.  This trolley would likely add to the classic allure of the Grapevine Vintage Railroad and Grapevine’s Palace Theatre.

Please keep in mind this is only a proposal at this point and is being considered by the City Council.

Although this is probably not the appropriate place and these comments really belong in another article, we think the City Council does a great job making these types of decisions.  The accomplishments of the City Council are many and they certainly do not need the approval of this website.

We are often criticized or questioned for being too negative about the decisions they reach.  We just want to take a moment to acknowledge there are literally hundreds of great decisions the City Council makes on the City of Grapevine’s behalf that never get mentioned on these pages or the pages of other local news websites.

If we are critical of a few small decisions, it is not that we think the City Council is doing a poor job.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.  We think the City Council as a whole does a tremendous job representing our city.  We only issue a commentary on the rare occasion that we’d like to see more thought or discussion on a specific topic.

So with that we say, please carry on City Council.  We at Grapevine Texas Online appreciate the countless hours of hard work you have invested in our city’s future.