Candidate Forum April 26th at Stacy Furniture

Here’s your last chance to meet all three candidates for Grapevine City Council Place 6 in one place.  All three are expected to attend the candidate forum on April 26th at Stacy Furniture.  Roy Stewart, Kathleen Thompson, and Deverick Jordan are all vying for a spot on the Grapevine City Council.

This event is hosted by the Mid-Cities Democrats’ Colleyville, Grapevine, Southlake Democrats chapter and moderated by the League of Women Voters.

If you haven’t met the candidates in person, this is a great opportunity to do so.  The forum will last from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  Stacy Furniture is located at 1900 South Main Street in Grapevine, Texas.  The forum will be on the 3rd floor in the Community Room.


  1. I really enjoyed it. Hearing from all candidates at once is extremely beneficial to voters.

    A few people asked me about the issue of health care benefits for the City Council, after Mr. Stewart stated tonight that he pays for his health insurance. City Council members are allowed to buy into the same very low cost health insurance plans other city employees receive, as though they were city employees and the city covers related costs. And after serving three terms (nine years), will receive city retiree health benefits. Contrast that to our city’s first responders who must serve 20 years to be eligible for retiree health benefits. (See Grapevine Courier Nov. 2010)

    Ultimately, the issue of pay and benefits is up to the voters of Grapevine, not the City Council. The city charter clearly states the council shall receive pay for attendance at meetings. Period. The lavish pay and health benefits the City Council has written for itself is outside of the letter and spirit of our founding document. Any amendments must be put to Grapevine voters.

  2. Many years ago, the vast majority of city councils were comprised exclusively of independently wealthy people (usually business owners and usually white males) who were unconcerned with health insurance benefits or reimbursements or stipends because they were wealthy and could afford to purchase expensive private health insurance and eat the out-of-pocket costs associated with serving on the city council. However, in recent years many cities have moved toward providing “benefits” to city council members to encourage participation by ALL citizens (as opposed to only an elite few who could afford to participate). Granted, the reimbursement amounts in Grapevine don’t cover anywhere close to all the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by a city council member in connection with his or her service as a city council member, but it does defray some of that expense. But more importantly, the Grapevine city council’s policy regarding reimbursements and health benefits is efficient from an accounting perspective, it saves tax payer money in the long run, and it encourages all income brackets to be involved in local politics. If these “lavish” benefits (as some have described them) are eliminated, the effect will be that many lower income and moderate income people will not be able to afford to serve their government. Creating a roadblock that only adversely affects lower and middle class people (but has no effect on the wealthy) is against public policy and bad for Grapevine. Grapevine is an inclusive city and I would like to see it stay that way.

  3. I think we had some interesting and thought provoking discussion in the comments of the next other article about the city council elections. I’ve found this web site to be a valuable resource for Grapevine residents, and a great place for them to discuss issues and their opinion.

    Since the operator has decided not to allow continued discussion, I believe this has left a gap in our ability to openly and freely discuss the upcoming election. I don’t criticize the operator of this site for that decision, I don’t think the intended purpose of this site was a political debate forum.

    I do, however, think such a form should exist, therefore I created the Grapevine Texas Open Forum located at . I hope that this forum can be a great resource for Grapevine residents to openly discuss and debate issues that affect us all.

    I’d like to thank the owner and operator of this web site for providing such a great resource to the residents here, hopefully we can take the forum/debate/discussion to a different location and allow this site to continue to fulfill its intended purpose.