In what can only be described as a meandering presentation by P.W. McCallum, the Director of Grapevine’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, on Tuesday night, we briefly learned that one of Grapevine’s top festivals will be re-branded.  For years, the May festival in Grapevine was known as Main Street Days.  Then for some inexplicable reason two or three years ago, the Convention and Visitors Bureau starting calling the festival Main Street Outdoor Adventure and Festival.

The festival name change was questioned on these pages nearly a year ago when we compared the change to Coca-Cola switching its formula to New Coke some 25 years ago in one of the all time marketing gaffs.  The name change to Main Street Outdoor Adventure and Festival  just did not make sense.  To go from a simple, well-known brand name to something so long and difficult to understand or remember was hard to understand.

The announcement on Tuesday night left us completely flabbergasted when Mr. McCallum announced that the festival formerly known as Main Street Days would be re-branded again to some sort of Pizza versus Pie festival.  We almost fell over on the floor as we expected Mr. McCallum to say they were going back to the old popular name and event Main Street Days. Instead, we were left with few details about a once popular event being turned into some sort of Pizza Fest.  Mr. McCallum did mention that the event would have a wider variety of music.

Goodbye Main Street Days.  You will be missed.  Welcome Pizza versus Pie Fest or whatever your official name may be.

Does anyone else think this is a bad idea gone worse?

Pizza versus Pie Fest will be held on May 13th, 14th, and 15th this year.

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