The DFW Connector is hosting a timely event next week.  On Tuesday, April 5th, there will be a DFW Connector Public Appreciation Day / Open House at the Grapevine Convention Center.  This public event comes about a week or so after the 121 / 114 connector was shut down for the weekend bringing Grapevine roadways to a virtual gridlock.

Here’s your opportunity to ask all the questions you ever wanted to know about the connector.  It will also be a family friendly event with learning activities for kids.

The event runs from 4 pm to 8 pm.  If you go, please ask when the next time the entire highway will be shut down in both directions and let us know.  Hopefully, they can pick a weekend that is not so busy with city events next time.  😉 

Grapevine Convention Center is located at 1209 South Main Street, Grapevine Texas.