Tolbert’s gets a lot of well deserved credit for their chili.  Their chili is really that good.  Recently, Tolbert’s was named to the Top 10 Chili Places in America by Bon Appetit Magazine.  Here’s the comment on Tolbert’s from that article:

9. Tolbert’s Restaurant
Grapevine, Texas
From the Chili Queens of San Antonio to the annual cook-offs, no state takes its chili as seriously as Texas. Halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, Tolbert’s serves a classic bowl of Texas red, bean-free and super-thick with beef chunks.
423 South Main Street; 817-421-4888

We at Grapevine Texas Online love the chili at Tolbert’s and what better time than the cold of winter to enjoy some.  Maybe we’ll stop by there later today.

Here’s the link to the full article if you are interested in the other 9 Top Chili Places in America.