Most of the roads are covered with snow and ice throughout Grapevine.  With a high today of 22 degrees, we do not expect that to go away any time soon.  Grapevine-Colleyville ISD has officially closed today.  All City of Grapevine non-essential offices are closed as well.  Essential services such as police, fire, and weather related services will continue to operate.

It appears that Grapevine received several inches of snow and slush overnight although official totals are still coming in.  Most of this has frozen on the roads now with the current cold temperatures. The roads actually look more like ice skating rinks right now than roads.

Please enjoy the day at home if you are off from work.  Stay warm, safe, and stay off the roads if at all possible.  We recommend warming up some hot chocolate on days like today.  Then just sit back and relax and maybe spend a little time exploring the Grapevine Texas Online website.  Or better yet, check our new site with all the information you need about Lake Grapevine. 😉