On Friday night, I paid a visit to the new Plucker’s restaurant for their pre-open training event as they get ready for their official open on Monday, February 21st.  I was lured in by the offer of free food, but mostly just wanted to check out what they had done with the place.

I am happy to report that the interior has been completely remodeled and updated.  I was amazed by the space they have.  This Plucker’s has to be three times as large as the one in Dallas.

The highlight of the restaurant is the outdoor patio area.  It extends from the side of the restaurant with a huge outdoor bar, roughly ten picnic tables, and about 10 outdoor big screen televisions.  When weather permits (as it did last night) that area is going to be a great place to hang out.

Beers are served in either a pint size or a giant thirty-something ounce mug.  The giant mug was a hint that Plucker’s does not really mess around.

For dinner, I ordered the Medium Hot Wings (seen above).  After finishing my first wing, I broke into a sweat and thought about finding the nearest ice bucket to dunk my head in.  If those things were truly medium, then I’ve discovered where that guy from X-men who magically creates fire in his hands now works.  He’s the new chef at Plucker’s Grapevine.

Our waitress asked about five times if I’d like to have something else before I waved bye-bye to my pride and said yes, please bring me a few of the lemon pepper wings.  Those wings were delicious by the way.

Overall it was a great night full of free food and fun (but not free beer).  Obviously if it were free beer, there would have been a line from here to Keller waiting to get in.

This Plucker’s looks like it means business and plans on being around a while despite the fact that it sits a stones throw from Hooter’s and a seven-iron from Buffalo Wild Wings.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize Ashlee our waitress who was wonderful, Meagan who is their marketing person for doing a great job with the event, the good people of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce (you know who you are), and my good buddy CH for getting me in for the night of free food and fun.

Plucker’s is located at:

1709 Cross Roads Dr
Grapevine, TX 76051