What happens when you mix one part snow, one part ice, one part asphalt, one part sleet, another part snow, another part ice, some more snow, and the biggest football weekend in North Texas history?  Answer:  Not what planners had in mind in Grapevine or any other North Texas city this weekend.

How are the roads?

We are glad you asked.  The roads are at best awful and at worst horrifically treacherous.  The bad news is that they are getting worse.  No one is on the roads to really heat them by car traffic.  The sun poked its head out for about 2 minutes today.  And the temperature is staying below freezing for the rest of the day and into tomorrow.  This is not a good combination for Super Bowl Weekend.  Our advice is to stay off the roads today as snow continues to fall and freeze up.

It should have been one of the biggest days of the year at local restaurants and bars as visitors prepare for Sundays game.  In reality, it will turn out to be a huge disappointment as people are forced to stay in their hotels and abandon the local hot spots. 

Random Thoughts

Grapevine Texas

What is that Range Rover Stretch-Limo doing in downtown Grapevine? 
Does it have 4-wheel drive?

How will the Southlake Tailgate go tomorrow?

What about The Biggest Party in Texas tomorrow night at the Embassy Suites in Grapevine.  (Tickets were being sold for $1000 each.  What are they going for now?)

Will anyone show up? 

There is no doubt this is a weekend to remember in North Texas.  Although it will probably not be remembered the way local Super Bowl planners would have liked.

Odds on North Texas and Cowboy Stadium hosting Super Bowl L (50)?  Slim.

Below are some photos of Grapevine on this very snowy Friday.

Grapevine Texas

Grapevine Texas

Grapevine Texas