How many cupcake places do you need in one town?  Legacy Cakes and Patty Cakes are both located along Main Street in Grapevine and they are proving that you can never have too many cupcake places.  After all, who does not love a cupcake especially when  they are tiny bits of cake goodness wrapped in an easily removable wrapper for quick consumption?

We decided to give both places a try and then determine who deserves the title of Best Cupcake in Grapevine.

Our Criteria

Patty Cakes Cupcakes (Chocolate and Caramel)

In order of importance:

  • Taste
  • Freshness
  • Cake to Icing Ratio*
  • Size
  • Overall Goodness
  • Presentation
  • Service

What We Ordered

We decided to order one Chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing from Legacy Cakes and Patty Cakes so that we are fairly measuring both places.  In addition, we ordered one specialty cupcake from each because we really could not resist trying more than one cupcake.   From Legacy Cakes we ordered their Snickers cupcake and from Patty Cakes we tried the Caramel cupcake.

Legacy Cakes Cupcakes (Chocolate and Snickers)

The Decision

To be clear, we loved the cupcakes from both places.  But in life there are winners and there are losers.  Our distinguished panel of cupcake palettes ranked the four cupcakes this way:

1. Chocolate cupcake – Patty Cakes
2. Snickers cupcake – Legacy Cakes
3. Chocolate cupcake – Legacy Cakes
4. Caramel cupcake – Patty Cakes

The winning Chocolate cupcake from Patty Cakes ranked very highly in terms of taste, freshness, size (the largest of all four we ordered), and overall goodness.

Coming in second place was the Snickers cupcake from Legacy Cakes which had a wonderful taste and a great presentation.

Third and fourth place cupcakes were also good, but just did not measure up to the other two.

So now the question remains, do you agree with our judges? Stop by Patty Cakes and Legacy Cakes grab a cupcake or two and judge for yourself.


Patty Cakes
417 S. Main St.
Grapevine, TX 76051

Legacy Cakes
120 S. Main Street
Suite 20
Grapevine TX 76051

*Note:  Cake to Icing Ratio is something we created to measure the amount of cake you get in relation to icing on a cupcake.  For this competition, a higher cake to icing ratio is better because ultimately we do not want big bites of icing.  In fact, our opinion is that the less icing the better.  An ideal ratio per bite would be 90% cake and only 10% icing.  Why do most of these decorative cupcake places layer on too much icing?   Sure presentation is important, but taste matters so much more. 🙂