Tea Party Leaves Mark On Holiday Parade

In the annual Parade of Lights, put on by the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, a float was allowed in that may have ruffled some feathers among parade watchers.  The float (not pictured) was by a local political group affiliated with the Tea Party movement.

These types of political floats usually have a place in a lot of parades.  The fact that they were allowed in a holiday parade upset some area residents.  We at GrapevineTxOnline received several emails noting that the float rubbed some people the wrong way.  Some of the same residents then let the City of Grapevine and the Chamber of Commerce know of their displeasure.

It will be interesting to see if they are allowed back next year.  What do you think?  Feel free to comment below (for seven days) on whether Tea Party floats or other political floats should be allowed in the Parade of Lights.


  1. The Tea Party presence in our Christmas parade was totally inappropriate. I don’t want to see them or any partisan group next year — we attended to see our friends, our children’s friends and Santa.
    The Chamber of Commerce showed poor judgement. And the City of Grapevine should ensure this doesn’t happen again.

  2. This is supposed to be a Christmas parade, not a political event. If the Chamber continues to accept political groups, maybe next year we’ll also have democrats, republicans, libertarians, socialists, and some pro and anti abortion floats. Maybe a few protestors left out of the selection can picket on the sidewalk, or groups can sue for being excluded. Sound like a fun Christmas? Let me and my grandkids enjoy a Christmas parade.

  3. It was a poor decision, and plain bad judgment, on the part of the Chamber of Commerce and City of Grapevine to allow the Tea Party to politicize a Christmas parade. There are times where politics are left at the door and this was one of those times. No partisan political groups should be allowed in a family-oriented festivity such as a parade of lights.

  4. Why would the city and Chamber of Commerce officials want to inject political controversy into such a community oriented event? There needs to be a policy allowing all political interests to participate or none at all. This error needs to be acknowledged/fixed and let’s move on so Grapevine remains the Christmas Mecca of Texas.

  5. I had always thought that a Holiday Parade (no matter WHAT holiday – St Patricks Day, Christmas, etc) was to honor/celebrate the holiday and that PARTISAN POLITICS was not to be included.

    Such poor judgement by the City in not making sure the Chamber had rules/guidelines to follow on who to allow in the parade….yes the City of Grapevine is culpable…city streets, city police, city responsibility.

  6. Would someone please explain to me what a political group has to do with family holiday entertainment. Were they supposed to be Santa’s elves, and were they there to please the children ?? Poor judgement, I would say.

  7. Maybe the Chamber is taking this opportunity to show their preference in politics. Understand other political groups tried and were denied.

  8. Can we at least discuss what the float WAS instead of who took the time and effort to build it? This seems typical of a leftist response- leave out the facts and stamp out anything from anyone you disagree with.

    I agree that political messages should not be allowed, but I certainly wouldn’t be offended if the Tarrant County Democrats wanted to build a Rudolph float and decorate it appropriately- i think I could tolerate a poster saying who sponsored it.

    I would like to hear exactly WHAT was objectionable- was their inappropriate signage? language? what? next thing we know, ACLU is going to be stamping out floats by the cub scouts and girl scouts, or the churches.


  9. Now that we know the Chamber of Commerce in Grapevine allows such displays,you betcha other political parties/groups/organizations will apply to be in this parade next year. The “leftist response” Jeff Tschirhart referred to in his comment was simply factual: The Tea Party had a float in the Christmas parade in Grapevine. What more did he want the people who objected to any political display to say? “Gee, they sure decorated their float nicely with those Tea Party signs?” It is too bad that the CofC didn’t think this through before they opened up this can of worms.

  10. I strongly object to the Tea Party presence — period. As I would strongly object to any partisan political presence.

    The Tea Partiers carried a Tea Party banner, huge sign across their float and chanted things like “Go Tea Party” as they passed my family.

    What an ugly disruption of Christmas music and the spirit of the season.

  11. If they did that, then I agree they should be booted!

    To clarify, my position is that we should not ban a participant because of WHO they are. I agree completely with prohibiting political messages, but not necessarily a poster saying what group built the float, as all floats have.

    this is a very slippery slope if you start talking about banning certain groups. keep the message related to Christmas and other Holiday celebrations, but let’s be judicious in handling the groups behind the floats.