If you have been asleep the last six months or living under a rock, maybe you missed the fact that Colleyville passed a city ordinance allowing for the sale of liquor.  Since then, a slew of local liquor stores have popped up around town with more sure to come very soon.  Since Hall’s Gas Station on the corner of Glade Road and Hwy 121 was at the heart of the movement to get liquor approved, we thought it would be a great place to start our tour of liquor stores in Colleyville.

We arrived at Hall’s early on a Friday evening.  The parking lot was packed with people.  Some were getting gas and other convenience goods, but most were there for wine and liquor.  Hall’s divided their store into two parts so that they can sell liquor in about half the store separate from the rest.

The store was crowded with people.  There were at least three cashiers working and all were busy the entire time we were in the store.  In fact, we thought we saw a dump truck out back with several men shoveling piles of cash into the back to be later hauled off to the bank.  Okay, we did not really see that.  But it did look like the place was doing well (financially).

Our check of prices really consisted of checking only one bottle of liquor.  We are familiar with the price of Captain Morgan’s rum (the best rum around if you asked us, which you didn’t).  In Fort Worth, you can purchase a handle (1.75 liter) for roughly $22-$23 if you know where to get it.  When we found the Captain Morgan’s at Hall’s, you probably are not surprised that the price was a little higher.  It was $25.99, if memory serves us correctly.  You have to pay for convenience we guess.  Drive a few minutes and get your adult beverages at Hall’s and pay a little more or drive out to Fort Worth and pay a little less.  It is up to you.

We enjoyed our little trip to Hall’s and will be back as long as it is convenient. 

Stay tuned for more Colleyville liquor store updates as we take a tour of all the new stores in the coming months.