Let’s be clear.  I did not take any polls or ask for any opinions.  This is my list.  These are the places I currently like to eat when given the choice.  My criteria is pretty simple, it has to have good service, the food needs to be great, and it needs to be a good value.  For the record, a good value is not the same as cheap. When I hand over a twenty dollar bill, I like to know that what I am getting is worth twenty dollars.  Okay, not to get sidetracked, let’s get to the list.

1.  P.F. Chang’s

Many of you are probably disappointed that I picked a chain restaurant first, but they are the best.  The food is always perfect.  I’ve never had a bad experience there.  I will go there any chance I get.  I absolutely love P.F. Chang’s.

2.  JR’s Grill

Recently opened, but they still make #2 on my list.  The service is great and the burgers are world class.  Try one, you will not be disappointed.  Also note that JR’s is actually located in Colleyville, but it is right on the border to Grapevine and since this is my list I decided it was okay to bend the rules.

3.  Palio’s Pizza

You can get this in Colleyville or Grapevine, but it is the best pizza around.  They also meet our requirement for good service plus it is BYOB which is an added bonus.

4.  Old West Cafe

When I want breakfast, Old West Cafe is the top of the list.  The portions are huge which I guess is a positive and a negative, but I still love it.  The food is great.

5.  Gloria’s

This is important and should not be overlooked:  Happy Hour runs from Sunday through Thursday all day.  They have a great patio and one of my favorite meals around, Nachos Grandisimos.  Note that Gloria’s is in Colleyville and I’m bending the rules again.

6.  Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Consistently great.  The salads are some of the best around plus their Marsala dishes are exceptional.

7.  Esparza’s

Esparza’s Mexican Restaurant used to be higher on my list.  It is certainly not that they have declined in performance. It is more that I went there too much to keep it higher on my list.  What do you call that law?  The law of diminishing returns or something.

8.  Kirby’s Steakhouse

Of course the food is good, that goes without saying.  The experience and atmosphere is even better.  Kirby’s is in Southlake, but it is right across Hwy 114 from Grapevine so it counts in this list.

9.  David’s Donuts

Yes, my favorite donut place made the list.  Why?  They meet all of my criteria listed above and then some.  And they make my favorite cinnamon rolls.

10.  Amore’s Pizza and Pasta

I am sure that I am underrating this place, but it is too hard to move it up the list.  They serve up great Italian food at a huge value.  I want to move them up, but not sure where.  I’ll leave them at #10 for now.  There is always next year.

The cool thing about doing a list like this is that I realize how long its been since I have been to a few of these places and that I need to get back there soon.  Hope you get to enjoy some of these fine establishments as well.  They are all fantastic.

Now, what are some of your favorites that I am missing out on?