1.  People watching.  Just sitting back and watching the crowds move around Grapefest can be enormous amounts of fun.

2.  Free parking.  What other area events like this offer up free parking? 

3.  Ice Carving.  Reddy Ice will have ice carving demos on Friday and Saturday.

4.  Central Market Culinary Pavilion.  Learn wine and food pairings along with other cooking lessons from top chefs.

5.  Affordability.  So much fun at such a low cost.  Thursday is free admission all day.  Friday is free until 5 pm.  After that entrance is $8 for adults and less for kids and seniors.

6.  Better than the Texas State Fair.

7.  Le Freak.  The Greatest Disco Band in the world!  Saturday night at 10 pm.

8.  Live music.  4 stages provide almost constant live music all weekend.

9.  Family Friendly.  Midway and carnival plus arts and crafts areas make Grapefest a fun event for kids of all ages.

10.  Kids Zone.

11.  Wine.  Taste, sample, drink wines from Texas and all over the world.

12.  Funnel Cake.  How often do you get funnel cake?  Probably not enough.  Jake’s Cakes does it right!

13.  Shopping.  Shop up and down Main Street at booths and the stores along Main Street.

14.  Pizza by the Slice.  Served up by Napoli’s Italian Cafe.  Pizza is good anytime, but Napoli’s at Grapefest is the perfect time.

15.  Enjoy the start of fall weather.  Ummm…. hopefully.

16.  Main Street.  Check out historic downtown Grapevine as Main Street is closed off for the weekend just for the festival.

17.  Mini Train Excursions.  Take a 30 minute ride on Grapevine’s vintage railroad.Grapefest Grapevine Texas

18.  Draft beer.  Two draft beer pavilions offering regular and premium beers.

19.  Super Wine Experience.  Like the Super Bowl of wines.  🙂

20.  Grapestomp.  Simply the best event at Grapefest.  You can watch it or you can stomp it.  Doesn’t matter, it is fun!