Mayor Tate is saying the right things in this article from the Grapevine Courier about the DFW Connector construction potentially slowing revenues in Grapevine.

Example A:

“I think the bottom line is if we continue to get bad publicity, we’ll hurt.”

Example B:

“We need to tell people to come and support these businesses.”

Both are true.  You’ve identified the problem.  That is step one.  Now for step two, who is in charge of getting the message out?  We doubt this is the sort of thing where you can just say it and have it happen.

The headline of the article “Highway project may slow revenues” comes across as a tad negative on the construction going on in Grapevine.  We have no doubt that negative sells newspapers.  And that the City of Grapevine has little editorial control over at the Grapevine Courier.  But it still sends the wrong message. 

Then later we stumble across this on twitter:

“Even though construction is happening, Grapevine is still open for business!”

Is that the message you want to send?  (We think it came from the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce’s twitter account.)  We have already written that NorthGate Contractor’s should be given an A- on their work so far.  That article is three months old.  Today, we would probably change the grade to an A+.

Here are some messages we would like to get out:

– The flow of traffic in Grapevine is essentially unchanged compared with before the DFW Connector Project began
– Northgate Contractors have gone above and beyond in keeping construction out of the way of Grapevine traffic
– Business my be slower in Grapevine due to the economy, but not due to any perceived traffic problems related to the Connector Project

Like we said, we do not have a construction problem, we have a communication problem.  Let’s work on the message.