We were lucky enough to meet with two Kilt girls from Grapevine’s Tilted Kilt over the weekend.  Not only were Meghan Maulden and Sony Chang very attractive, but the two were witty and provided a very entertaining interview (some of which can not be included here).

Here’s our 10 questions around being a Kilt Girl and making it in the 2011 Tilted Kilt Calendar –

GrapevineTxOnline (GTXO):  When does the 2011 Calendar become available?
Sony:  We were told it will be ready in October.

GTXO:  Have either of you been in any previous Tilted Kilt Calendars or any other calendars?
Sony:  No.
Meghan:  Nope, this is the first one.

Meghan and Sony

GTXO: Are either of you Scots?
Girls:  (laughing) No.

GTXO:  What is the best part of being a Tilted Kilt Calendar Girl?
Meghan:  It is great because we get to represent the brand.  In fact, we ARE the brand.
Sony:  I agree with Meghan and that it is so new and unique.  Not everyone gets to do this.

GTXO:  What is the best item on the menu at Tilted Kilt?
Sony:  That’s easy.  I love the Quesadillas.  Of course, I order them with no peppers or onions.
Meghan:  I like the Quesadillas too, but I’m going to go with the Drunken Clams.

GTXO:  What are your aspirations?
Sony:  I’m in school right now, Pre-Med.  So I’d like to get into med school.  In a few years, I could be a surgeon by day and Kilt girl by night. 🙂
Meghan:  I’d like to go into sales.  Or possibly into the magazine, publishing industry.  If not, there could always be opportunities to continue working with Tilted Kilt.  You can work your way into the corporate office from here.

GTXO:  Where do you work?
Girls:  (laughing and puzzled) Here. Grapevine Tilted Kilt.

GTXO:  What do you do for fun? Hobbies, etc?
Meghan:  Mostly I spend time caring for my dog. She’s my baby. She is a two year-old, 60 pound pit-bull named Beautiful. We call her “Beau” (pronounced Bo).
Sony:  I’m boring.  Use her answer.  I just work and I like to spend time with family.  Sometimes I like going to the lake if I have time.

GTXO:  What is your favorite drink?
Sony:  Well, I don’t drink alcohol.  So I’m going to say sweet tea.  Or a Red Bull I.V. (laughing).
Meghan:  I like our Carribean Kilt.  It’s made with Cruzan Dark and Light Rums, pineapple, orange, and cranberry juices.

(Also note, both recommended the Tilted Tea -like a Long Island only better- as one of the most popular drinks at Tilted Kilt.)

GTXO:  Okay, what month are you in the 2011 Calendar?
Sony:  We don’t know! I would say if I get to pick I would like to be December.
Meghan:  I’ll take May.  For my birthday.

(Also note, both girls made it clear they want to be on the cover, obviously.)

Like they told us already, the 2011 calendar will be available in October.  You can stop in and pick one up and probably have the girls sign it (if they are working that day).  They did tell us they worked there after all.  One other mystery was solved during the interview.  We figured out what goes under the Kilts.  But the girls said it should remain a mystery for everyone else.  Sounds like you will have to stop in to figure it out.

Tilted Kilt, a sports bar that pays homage to the old public houses of America, England, Scottland and Ireland is located at 1041 W. State Highway 114 (along restaurant row) in Grapevine.  And if you did not know it already, they currently have our #1 ranked burger in Grapevine.

Stop in and give them a try and say hello to Meghan and Sony. 🙂