Is this how the sign will read as you enter Colleyville?  “Welcome to Colleyville.  Please enjoy one of our many fine liquor stores as you pass through town.”

Way back in May of this year, Colleyville residents voted by almost a 3-1 margin to allow liquor sales within the city.  The City of Colleyville has received 10 applications to sell liquor so far.  If all of those go through, there would be a liquor store on just about every viable roadway, intersection, and strip mall in the city.

One of the most interesting applications comes from Sigel’s Fine Wine and Spirits which gained approval from the city council earlier this week.  The application is interesting only because of its proximity to the First Baptist Church in Colleyville.  It is planned to be right next door.  Good thing liquor stores are closed on Sunday.

The first store to sell liquor in Colleyville will open soon.  Tivoli Wines is expected to receive permits from the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission within the next week.

The plan to allow liquor stores will no doubt will add sales tax revenue to the city coffers.  But the fundamental cost of those revenues is yet to be determined.

On your way out of town, you might see a sign that reads:  “Thanks for visiting Colleyville.  Your favorite destination for liquor.”