There has been plenty of negativity to go around lately. We keep hearing how the economy and highway construction may hurt Grapevine city revenues.  And how this is causing a rather substantial budget cutting effort in City Hall.  In fact, we have already offered our Five Budget Busting Ideas for the City of Grapevine.

But there is one quote out of the Grapevine Courier that still bothers us.

“Mayor William Tate and the city council directed city staff to present how each department would absorb 5 percent budget cuts at a meeting on Aug. 16.”

It is not just that the five percent idea was probably pulled out of thin air.  It is that it lacks any real creativity.  Here is how we imagine it. 

Question:  Where did you come up with that 5% number? 

Answer:  It sounded like a nice reasonable, round number so we decided 5% was good.

Now, what if Mayor Tate and the city council had said this:

We are directing you to go back and come up with ways to either cut your budgets by 5% or raise your revenues by 5%.  Oh and be creative.

How much more interesting would that be?  How many more opportunities does that create?

They did not ask, but here is our idea:

One Week:  10% Off Everything In Grapevine

Sound crazy?  Yes.  Can’t be done?  You might be right.  But who thought that someone would come up with an idea to create a restaurant week where all the top restaurants in DFW would agree to sell a three-course meal for set price of just $35 per person

We would probably have to exclude some stores because it would be unlikely to get buy-in from the Wal-marts and Best Buys of the world. But a ton of local retailers could be included.  Then just post the list of participating stores and the effective dates.

Here’s what this could accomplish:

–  Increases awareness of local businesses in Grapevine
–  Creates media buzz with something that has likely never been done before (10% off a whole city)
–  Increases city revenue easily and cheaply

Think about it.