If you are not familiar with restaurant week, you should be.  It is a great and affordable way to sample some of the top restaurants in Dallas / Fort Worth.  The gist is that for $35 (part of which goes to charity) you get a three course meal at a top local restaurant.  Last week, after reviewing several restaurant week menus we decided to give Kirby’s Steakhouse a try.  Kirby’s had a lot more options on their restaurant week menu than the other places we considered.

We arrived for dinner pretty late, after 9 pm. The restaurant was packed.  The bar area, the restaurant, and the lounge area where a live band was playing were all full of people laughing and enjoying themselves.  The live music and the sense that people were having a great time made for a wonderful vibe.

We were seated relatively quickly which was good since we it was late and we were hungry.  The sourdough bread that was brought out right away helped ease the hunger a little bit.  The bread was top notch.  We ordered each of the appetizer options from the restaurant week menu.  The Smoked Paprika Pork Yakatori and the Alaskan King Crab Cake were both very good.

For dinner, we ordered the Peppered Tenderloin Tips and the Filet Oscar with an extra side of mashed potatoes.  Both of these were excellent as well.  At this point, any ounce of hunger was gone as we were stuffed.  But given that the dinner was a three course meal, we felt obligated to plow through some desserts.

Really, we should have saved more room because the desserts were the highlight of the evening.  The chocolate cheese cake was very good, but the Kirby’s Chocolate Spice Cake was one of the top 5 desserts we have ever tasted (and we are not really chocolate cake people).  It is served hot, right out of the oven.  And it is huge. Did we mention we were no longer hungry?  That did not stop us as the Chocolate Spice Cake was too good to be resisted.

Everything at Kirby’s was wonderful.  It was a great dinner and experience.  The restaurant week is such a great idea because it gives the opportunity to try places like this that normally we would not try.  The only problem now is we have to figure out how to get more of the Chocolate Cake.  It was unreal.

The good news is that Kirby’s Steakhouse has extended their restaurant week menu through September 5th. So it is not too late to get in on this deal.