It is always nice to go to a restaurant that does everything right.  And that was the case with The Original Pancake House during our visit.  Everything was perfect. 

We make no secret that we are huge advocates of restaurants that have someone waiting near the door to greet you as you enter.  The Original Pancake House got off to the right start by having someone waiting at the door who opened the door for us, said hello and asked how we are doing. And then right away asked how many it would be and took us immediately to our table.  We know that this seems like such a simple thing, but so many places fail right off the bat at something so easy.  It was really nice to see it done well.

We ordered some coffee right away which was very good.  They also serve fresh squeezed orange juice which we could see being squeezed from our table. 

Another nice touch was that our server let us know that they started some complimentary “baby pancakes” for our one-year old.  They arrived about the same time that we ordered our meals.  It was just another fine point that a lot of restaurants miss.

The menu offered a huge selection of breakfast items.  Not only do they have a large number of specialty pancakes (chocolate chip, banana, pecan, buckwheat, etc.) they offered crepes, omelets, waffles, and a number of healthy breakfast items.

We ordered the bacon and cheese omelet with a side of buttermilk pancakes as well as two biscuits with sausage and hash browns.  Everything was excellent.  The biscuits were huge.  I’ve seen some of those new Smart Cars that were smaller than these biscuits (okay, maybe not that big, but still).  The best part of the meal was the pancakes.  Pancake is in the name of the restaurant for a reason.  They are very good.

We enjoyed the visit very much and will be back to try some of the specialty pancakes that we missed out on.

If there was one thing we would change, it was that the tables are a little too close together.  Most people like to have some privacy while eating.  You do not want to be bumping into the guy next to you (that you do not know) with every bite.  But this was easily overlooked when everything else was so good.

Bottom line is The Original Pancake House has a huge menu, full of great breakfast items, and exceptional service.  We loved it.

The Original Pancake House is located at:
1505 William D Tate Avenue
Grapevine, TX 76051

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