There was a great article in the Grapevine Courier this week covering budget issues currently facing the City of Grapevine.  The article does have a couple of lines that do not add up (or possibly just are not very clear), but let’s get to those later.  First, let’s point out the things we learned from the article.

*  The proposed 2010-2011 spending plan continues an 18-month hiring freeze at city hall and contains no pay raises.
*  The mayor stated they will not grant an effective tax increase in Grapevine for next year.
*  The city continues to look for other areas of spending to cut although no layoffs are planned.

Sounds like a tough year to be in the budgeting department in the city. Cutting a budget is never easy.

But it is great that we have a city government that believes more in reducing spending than raising taxes on it’s residents.

Here are parts of the article that were a little conflicting / confusing.

*  The mayor said that there are no talks of layoffs, but the Convention and Visitors Bureau will shed 5 of its 57 positions.  Maybe we should just assume those are “open” positions that are being shed?

*  “Personnel costs make up $25.5 million, or 35 percent, of the current $155.4 million budget.”  Something does not add up here since 35 percent of a $155.4 million budget would be roughly $54 million, not $25.5 million.  We took a look at the 2009 – 2010 budget on the City of Grapevine website which shows personnel costs at $43.6 million.

Here is a link to the FY10 Operating Budget for the City of Grapevine in case anyone else wants to take a look.

We could sit back here all day and arm chair quarterback some thoughts on possible places to save money, but we won’t.  We could also brainstorm some ideas on where to shake more revenue from under the rug and around the corner, but maybe we will save that for a later article.