We were a little surprised not to see Grapevine, Texas in the top 10 suburbs of Dallas as ranked by D Magazine.  After reading the article, we realized that according to the criteria D magazine uses that Grapevine may not belong in the top 10.  Grapevine finished #16 by the way (up from #24 back in the 2008 version of these rankings). This is out of a total of 62 suburbs ranked.

The four equally weighted criteria used in the rankings were safety, education, housing values, and ambiance.  D Magazine compiled data on each of these categories to rank the suburbs.  For example, safety information came from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Dallas Sheriff’s Department, Oak Point Police Department etc.  Without getting into too much detail, we think this is a pretty objective way to complete their rankings. 

If you look at the communities above Grapevine, there are plenty of good ones.  Colleyville finished #3 and Southlake finished #4.

Here is the full top 10:

1. Parker
2. Highland Village
3. Colleyville
4. Southlake
5. Prosper
6. Highland Park
7. University Park
8. Flower Mound
9. Murphy
10. Allen

The problem with using mostly objective criteria like crime rates and test scores is that you leave out other factors that are also important to the quality of a suburb.  What about location?  It seems like an obvious factor.  Do Prosper, Murphy, and Parker have a better location than Grapevine?  Our guess is that most people would think Grapevine’s location is pretty ideal since it is in the heart of DFW.

And what about things to do?  I’d think Grapevine would rank very highly there as well with Lake Grapevine, the Gaylord, Downtown Grapevine, and Grapevine Mills Mall all inside the city’s borders.

If you limit your definition of “Best Suburb” to just safety, education, housing values, and ambiance, you could certainly argue that Grapevine is about where it should be.  Unfortunately, that leaves out a lot of the cool stuff that makes Grapevine so great.

But it is an overall good list.  D Magazine’s approach is pretty sound if you are looking for an objective, statistically based ranking of Dallas suburbs.