Okay, we have wondered this for a long time.  Can you drink alcohol at the parks surrounding Lake Grapevine?  This article could not be more timely with the 4th of July right around the corner.  The answer according to the Grapevine Courier is yes and no.

The Courier quotes Lt. Todd Dearing of the Grapevine Police as stating that you can consume alcohol at these lake parks:

Oak Grove
Silver Lake
and the Vineyards Campgrounds
(Note: We are sad that Katie’s Woods did not make the list for some reason .)

There are rules to follow as you would expect.  You can not consume alcohol or have an open container within 15 feet of a parking lot, boat ramp, or roadway.  This seems reasonable.

The interesting thing is that there are two campgrounds in the above parks, the Vineyards Campgrounds and Meadowmere.  We have no knowledge either way on this, but one might assume that since alcohol is allowed in those two parks that you are allowed to consume alcohol while camping out.

This is also great news for the upcoming July 4th fireworks show over Lake Grapevine.  Bring a lawn chair and a cooler (with wheels) and head out to any of the lake parks listed above to enjoy the show on Sunday night!