Grapevine Speeding Ticket “Discrepancy”

This report is interesting from  Seems like Grapevine’s right hand is not talking to the left hand.

A quick summary is that some construction workers along Hwy 121 may have left up a 40 mph sign after construction was complete and the sign should have been taken down.  During this time some tickets were issued in error.

But here’s the complication and where there needs to be better communication between government offices.

From the above linked article John Luna of the Grapevine police said:

“What it comes down to is doing the right thing,” Luna said. “And that is what the city wants to do. If a ticket was issued in error, just like any other ticket in any other place, then the ticket is subject to dismissal. “

Mr. Luna went on to say:

“If it was wrongly issued, we are going to own up to it,” Luna said.

From the above article the Grapevine City Attorney, Matthew Boyle, may not have agreed:

The Grapevine city attorney says he is examining the issue, but said it is unlikely the city will reimburse anyone who waived their right to contest the ticket and already paid the fine.

To us, “owning up to it” and “doing the right thing” involves reimbursing people that were wrongly ticketed.  Keeping the money from people who were ticketed in error is doing exactly the wrong thing.

Maybe we should get Mr. Luna and Mr. Boyle together to clarify.  Just a thought.

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  1. I was a police officer for eight years in Greenville, Texas. Ihave a great appreciation and respect for the men and women who serve in that role. However, I have little toleration for the ways the vast majority of the cities in this great nation prostitute the traffic laws purely for revenue.

    Unfotunately, officers often get pressured into writing tickets simply for the sake of keeping the numbers up. In Greenville the brass implemented a shift average requirement for the monthly number of citations each officer wrote in order to skirt the prohibition against establishing quotas.

    I’m sure the City of Grapevine P.D. has a similar policy, which would explain this incident: